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About Me

Hi there! I’m Stephen aka GramTooNoob. An unfortunate fool whose blessed with awesome logical thinking skills but unable to find success in Singapore. Having resigned from my job at a time of uncertain economy, I started this blog on 3rd April 2017 as a means of documenting my life.

It’s purpose? So that I may look back one day, and hopefully find that my life was meaningful

Turning 30 this year, I have worked for 14 years in the IT Industry from system integrator to help desk roles. Dabbled in startup for 2 years in 2012 with my own company. Served in the police force in 2006. Assumed leadership roles across multiple MMORPG and even won the Presidential elections for two consecutive terms in Starpeace. Wrote the War of Emperium event script for eAthena in 2004 alongside a private game project. Created my own anime fansub group in 2003, bringing Japanese animation to the western audience during the anime boom period which indirectly resulted in today’s popularity. All these, I achieved via building my own first custom computer in 2001 for $900 bucks after begging my family to let me break my piggy bank.

No, not that computer in the picture. That’s from 2016, the third machine I built for twitch streaming

Life weren’t always so shiny though and this polished glassware, once help high with regards for its sparkling translucent beauty has faded thru the times. It’s obnoxious price tag turned away all prospects. Today, I’m just contented if I may enjoy having McDonald’s without putting a hole in my pocket. A simple man, wanting a simple life and a simple wish.

I no longer feel the need to become a millionaire by 30, to improve the life of my family. A mentally ill mother, bed ridden father, lack of education has turned my life in a joke. Arguably, its still better than most so I do not wish to overly lament. On the bright side, all things come to an end eventually.

You can’t get so hung up on where you’d rather be, that you forget to make the most of where you are

Eating Healthy at McDonald’s ~ I’m Lovin’ It ~

Weighting at 60kg with the appetite to eat a whole pizza by myself, this blog shall document and explore how I intend rebuild my life and seek happiness. We will be visiting some of my most inner thoughts and new found joys, but allow me to apologies in advance for the lack of wondrous uplifting messages. I have always believe in honesty and that there’s always two stories to everything, so expect to read up on some really dark stuff.