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Personal Logbook – Entry #5

I have decided to stop streaming on Twitch, and have since been doing better in terms of health. It dawn upon me that, I was too fixated on trying to make streaming successful that I ended up not being able to enjoy both the game and myself. This was supposed to be simply an experiment but once again I got sidetracked and my competitive nature got the better of me. The truth was, I was never going to become successful at Twitch streaming due to various reasons beyond my control. So then, rather than getting frustrated over the limitations, why not make the most of what I have now?


Personal Logbook – Entry #4

I haven’t written for awhile, but I’m still alive and well. It’s not that I no longer feel the need to write, but rather I decided to redirect my attention somewhere else. There’s no point in mopping around and getting corrupted by reiterating the horrible reality. Improving the situation is what I should be doing, and that’s precisely what I did. There’s no one who will help me otherwise, in fact I know some will be glad to see me dead tomorrow.


Personal Logbook – Entry #3

I have taken a break from streaming Tiger Knight as my main game due to frustration over the lack of control. But while looking for other games to stream, I began to feel the blunt of being poor. I cannot afford to keep buying the latest games to develop my channel, given the uncertain return. I would have wanted to stream Hearthstone / Shadowverse as my main game, but these games requires a decent amount of investment before one reaches a state of complacency. And without that complacency, nobody wants to watch my stream. It’s ironic that if you’re not the best at what you do… nobody cares, and this logic applies everywhere.


Personal Logbook – Entry #2

It looks like my expenses are going up again for this month. Just receive the disbursement invoice from the lawyer, with regards to my dad’s court order for appointment of deputy. It has been more than 6 months, and its absolutely hilarious how long it is taking me to proof that my Dad lacks mental capacity to take care of himself. While I understand government red tape, it aren’t helpful if its going to be a hindrance to those in need.

Anyway, time to write the next letter to God.


Personal Logbook – Entry #1

When I first started working on this blog, I have a great fun debugging the code and relearning old / new stuff. But now that the blog is up, I’m starting to find it a drag to write a post up. Actually, I probably went off course on my first two post anyway so I’m going to unpublish them. I weren’t intending to write such long detailed ranting, but more of an overview update of my current status… like a captain’s log book. This aren’t a professional blog, providing advice for people anyway.

From now on, I will try to write differently. Albeit less rambling and more positive / immediate updates.